Nova Bionics


Nova Bionics
advancing humanity

The human species is singular – it is the only one able to self-evolve on its own.
From early primates and hominids till today has mankind been an utilizing, instrumentalizing species – stones as hand axes leading the way, from hunting to tools of building. His unique ability to rationally analyze and assess circumstances, draw conclusions and deduce action imperatives has enabled him to evolve the species itself by externalisation of potential – by forging a substitutive life reality to detach from nature dependence – he developed culture.

Self generating potential through this life reality, humans are nowadays supported by a vast and complex system of technology embedded in culture –
external organs, catalysts for evolution, by determined purpose becoming homo evolutis.
The next step would be applying those external catalystic factors directly to the primal, untouched human physiology – fusing technology and biology, to create the evolutionary cybernetic, bionic human.

This project is a concept art and visualization project, to show possible applications of technology to the human body, thus imagining the human species‘ next progressive leap in self-evolution –
Nova Bionics, advancing humanity.

This project was done in about two months. Aside of the digital art, it also consists of a 95 pages theoretical/philosophical essay and an art book with design methods and thoughts,
which got beautifully printed and encased (pictures in the gallery). I have, however, not yet translated the theoretical part into other languages but German… in the future, hopefully.