I always feel drawn toward the north, it’s a need I can push aside and quell for a short time but which will rise even more insistently. Hamburg and the coast, a countryside to breathe and relax. Love it, feels more home than anywhere else.

Biiiiiig THU Art Family meetup in Berlin, 450 people in a night with art funzies, talks, and all kinds of shenanigans. Guest speakers and talk guests were Mark Molnar, Geoffrey Ernault, Paul Canavan and many more – crazy success, crazy funtimes! More info on my Fb page – https://www.facebook.com/papabear.pb or […]

No, no deodorant. I use Nivea, anyways. But I put myself into a mini project- maxi size. I sketched more than 100 axes with marker and liner, and going to render some in PS. There are still some style directions unexplored… oh gosh, is this going to get to 200?